Vested interests

Derek Melot from the Lansing State Journal had a blog post last week on the vested interests of doctors (specifically the AMA). In his post, Mr. Melot seems to suggest that doctors’ input in the healthcare debate should be less important because they may lose money under some reform proposals.

Just remember fellow citizens … doctors may be smart and skilled, but they are also self-interested. They will pursue their interests first. Take in their advice accordingly.

Melot is right, of course. Doctors are self-interested and many are more than guilty of rent seeking to pad their pocketbooks from the public purse. But who isn’t self-interested?

The WSJ points out that Congress members certainly might be out for their own purposes when it comes to healthcare reform – many have significant investments in the industry that they will no doubt want to protect.

So remember, fellow citizens, our lawmakers might say that they are in it for the public good, but they, too, are self-interested. Take everything you hear in this debate with a grain of salt, not just from the most obvious stakeholders.


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